Dont Give Joe Biden the Al Franken Treatment, Democrats

Posted On May 2, 2019 at 7:24 pm by / Comments Off on Dont Give Joe Biden the Al Franken Treatment, Democrats

To cast Joe Biden into the #MeToo wilderness before the first primary vote is cast would be to ignore not just the whole history of politicswhose practitioners have been hugging and kissing, and not only babies, for yearsbut also our own social mores.

We are all Bidens now. We greet people with a hug and a kiss, air or otherwise, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We double-kiss at cocktail, book, and birthday parties, kid and adult. We do so on the sidelines of soccer games and random encounters at the movies and grocery store, when we know the person well and when weve just met, and without a thought to whether the person likes it or not. Blame, or credit, cheap travel to France, or calling an ordinary dinner a dinner party, but whether youre in L.A. or my small hometown in Pennsylvania, its now choosing not to embrace that creates an awkward moment, rather than the other other way around.

Touching is part of the the practice of politics since time immemorial. It's a contact sport, one thats asexual, at least in public, and a staple of campaigning, with the exception, oddly, of our current president. There are many complaints of sexual misconduct against him but none from the campaign trail because hes a wholesale politician, preferring huge rallies to the labor-intensive retail campaigning in coffee shops, living rooms, or even rope lines where human contact takes place.


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